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Complete Solutions
A custom web site, web content, internet marketing, web consulting and a brochure without breaking the bank? Usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Unless you’re working with Networld Interactive! Get a maintenance-free, hassle-free, professional website easily and expeditiously. You’ll also have the freedom to update your WordPress Web Site any time of the day. Your company needs results. Networld Interactive delivers. We provide turnkey solutions that take you from idea to completed project quickly while leveraging your existing resources. Check out our client list—we like to call them “partners” because we really do care about garnering leads and sales for our clients. These are companies for whom we have created work that elicited the response of “WOW!”, and “It’s great to finally work with people who really know web design, and who do it exceptionally.”

Zerlene Mekdeci Impresario Events

My corporate website was sorely in need of a comlete revamp and I had the good fortune to come across
Networld Interactive and Derek. I had a very clear vision of how I wanted things to look and behave,
which often was incompatible with standard templates, thereby requiring a considerable amount of
technical wizardry behind the scenes.
Whatever I asked, he got it done! Derek has always been very responsive, informative and genuine.
And as someone who is relatively non-technical, whenever any support-type issue arises, he is right
on the ball to make sure my site is up and working perfectly, which gives me considerable peace of
mind. I have been very happy with the work he has done for my company and I will continue to not only
use his services myself, but will continue to recommend him to others.


Zerlene Mekdeci – Director and Lead Planner, ImpresarioEvents.ca


Professional Work
Our method of production supports each operation, and progresses towards achieving a web experience that allows your company to grow & expand, surpassing your competition! We have strategically “cherry-picked” a sweet staff of professional designers, developers, and marketers who utilize the newest technology to benefit your brand and design. At Networld Interactive, we begin with an idea and continue through pre-approved developmental stages. We understand the importance of tailoring our services to each client’s needs with a combination of creative, technical, and marketing assets. Every player on our bench is just as valuable—whether we are creating a logo, working the designer process or helping determine the right target market.


Always at the cutting edge of technology, incredible work ethic,and flat-out unbelievable commitment to
customers – it’s a win to find any ONE of those traits in a web developer, with Derek at
Networld Interactive, you get ALL THREE!
Derek has “done the impossible” for me on multiple occasions, and has earned the highest possible
recommendation from me. I ALWAYS feel like “Derek’s got my back!”


Chris Smith – Author of Securing Your Financial Future and creator of Awesome Financial Future


Wordpress Web Design
Wordpress Web Design
Built around WordPress, an open source website design solution, we create professional websites that are visually pleasing, functionally sound and search engine friendly. We offer custom WordPress theme designs that offer you a unique and impressive web site, while keeping you on budget. From WordPress template themes to premium custom themes for a unique look and feel, the choice is up to you. Designs are suitable for blogs and CMS-based web sites; you can choose from multiple colors and page layouts with sliders, calls to action and featured images. Our web designers will create “comps” for your review and your web site will be coded by a WordPress expert, so you can take advantage of everything WordPress has to offer. Networld Interactive web site design packages include everything you’ll need to create an SEO friendly website that meets your current and future goals.


I’ve been working with Derek for almost a year now and I’m blown away with the incredible work
he’s done for me. He’s a master of his trade and comes HIGHLY recommended by me.
On a scale between 1-10, I rate him a 15! He’s the most Ethical person
I know in this industry and I will never use anyone else for all of my WordPress sites.


Hercules Mora – WorkWithHerc.com